Our Courses


CPR Plus for the General Practice

Our CPR courses are designed to enhance team work and advanced care within the general practice.

The course integrates CPR, team CPR, defibrillation and advanced airway management.

This is not the normal public CPR course. This is CPR for the general practice team.

Management of Medical Emergencies in the General Practice (APNA Endorsed)

This course is specifically designed by Cynergex to provide GPs with ALS training relevant to general practice.  Our focus is on CRM and how to manage the practice team in any emergency.

The course looks at the most common emergencies including acute coronary syndrome, cardiac arrest, altered conscious state, CVA, TIA’s, respiratory emergencies, hypoglycaemia, anaphylaxis, trauma and multi-trauma.

CYNERGEX IS HOLDING PUBLIC COURSES for GP’s and Practice Nurses at the following locations:

  • MELBOURNE – SATURDAY –  4th May 2019 – (Venue TBC) 
  • BRISBANE – SATURDAY – 1st June 2109 – (Venue TBC) 
  • SYDNEY – SATURDAY – 3rd August 2019 – (Venue TBC)

Essential ECG Reading

This course explains a system for reading normal ECGs and identifying serious tachycardias and bradycardias, as well as ST segment elevation in acute myocardial infarction.

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