Our Courses


CPR in the Dental Practice – 2 hour course

This course covers basic CPR and Defibrillation in a dental practice.  

Management of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice – 5 hour course

What sets this course above others is that it was designed specifically for dental practices and the most likely conditions that a dentist may encounter from their patients.  It focuses heavily on identified threats and uses crew resource management techniques to prepare the practice for a coordinated team approach in managing medical emergencies.

We come to you and train your team in their own environment, allowing realistic simulations of common emergencies and the provision of advice specific to your practice’s equipment, location and floor plan.

Infection Control in the Dental Practice – 2 hour course

This course prepares dentists, practice managers and the entire dental team to meet the threat posed by infectious organisms, ranging from the ESKAPES to blood born viruses, in the dental environment.

The course teaches a CRM approach and the use of a set of procedural tools that enable practices to quickly standardise infection control procedures and tasks in an easy to use format.

Although this course is not an audit, we do complete the Dental Boards Self Audit tool with you.  The course is all about how you can validate your infection control procedures.

We can show you simple ways of confirming that everyone is washing their hands correctly!

You can complete the training on the same day as the medical emergency course (with prior arrangement).

Please contact us for a full information package or to add infection control to your next medical emergency course.