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Why Cynergex Group?
  • Is your workers compensation premium high?
  • Are Lost Time Injuries and Medical Treatment injury rates high?
  • Is your workplace high risk?
  • Do you have occupational first aiders and a first aid room on your work site?

If you answer YES to two or more of the above questions Cynergex Group Paramedics may be the solution

What we do
Cynergex has a strong record of reducing workers comepnsation premiums and the associated costs of lost time injuries and medical treatement injuries for our clients.  

Cynergex Safety and Emergency Response Teams (SERT) provide our clients with a comprehensive service of emergency medical response, return to work support and workplace health and safety assistance.  They do not sit in first aid rooms, they work for you.

Cynergex SERT Paramedics hold university degrees and return to work qualifications and are trained to act as assistant workplace health and safety training so they can support your team.  They are more than just the site first aider.

If you would like to know more, call us on 1300 793 649 or send an enquiry and we will contact you.

Emergency Medical Care
Our paramedics are experienced in providing emergency first aid and resuscitation should the worst event occur on your site.

However the majority of injuries range from minor first aid injuries to potentially delibating soft tissue injuries.  Our specialty is in assessing those initial soft tissue injuries, that require early intervention and management, ensuring your employee recovers quickly and returns back to their pre-injury tasks.

Injury Management
As part of having our paramedics on your site their role includes injury management.

Our paramedics work to ensure your employees receive the highest level of first aid and medical care and that your management team are fully informed of the incident and resulting injury by:

  • assessing and treating all workplace injuries
  • referral to appropriate medical assessment if required and/or monitoring of the injury to ensure there is correct healing and recovery
  • commencement of the return to work process to ensure the injury is correctly recorded, monitoried and investigated,
  • notification to your managers so they are fully informed of the incident, injury and progress
  • recording of the injury and investigation in your WHS system
WHS Support
Our paramedics also provide WHS support to your managers by assisting with incident investigations, providing data entry support into your electronic data base/system, general WHS administration support, WHS inspections, WHS tasks such as checking first aid kits and other safety equipment.

No tasks is too small when it comes to safety and providing support to your safety team.