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Our History

Founded in 1995, Cynergex Group is Australia’s leading provider of high quality contextualised training in emergency medicine for dentists and medical professionals working in general practice.


The training provided by Cynergex does not follow the one-size fits all format so prevalent in the teaching of resuscitation today.  Our approach is to contextualise our courses for dental and general practice surgeries operating in both the city and country.  We modify our courses to reflect the latest scientifically validated clinical practice and we keep it simple, so as to ensure that both the practitioner and their team can successfully deliver high quality advanced life support tailored to the team and their practice.


Cynergex is also a provider of on-site emergency medical services at ports, heavy industrial sites and entertainment venues. All of our paramedics are degree qualified or have older qualifications and years of experience as members of state operated ambulance services.  They are also trained and experienced in the management of workplace injuries so as to ensure the fastest return to work and the lowering of relevant insurance premiums.


Our experience and expertise enables us to provide advanced levels of care to clients, their employees, customers and visitors.

Value Statement:

Cynergex creates value by providing high quality education, equipment and services to our clients.

We do this by aiming for standards based on best practices, that are well above those offered by our competitors.

Our constant focus is on:

  • Providing quality that exceeds your expectations,
  • Monitoring the science and practice in emergency medicine and other disciplines relevant to our offerings,
  • Responding quickly to your expectations,
  • Supervising our performance at all levels, and
  • Modifying our performance to improve what we do for you.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Mr Simon Harrop, Chair
Mrs Josephine Taylor, M. OH&SM
Mrs Michelle Gow, MBA
Mr Yves Coulon, CPA
Mr Daniel Houilhan, M. OH&SM
Dr John Fahey, PhD
Mrs Frances Fahey, M. OH&SM

Management Team

Dr John Fahey, Managing Director
Mrs Frances Fahey, National Sales Director
Ms Allison Fahey, HR & Operations Manager
Mr Royce Webb, Clinical Education Manager
Ms Sally Green, Queensland Manager
Mr Shane Hawkinson, Victorian Manager & Clinical Educator
Ms Laura Nelson, Clinical Educator
Mr Pete Smith, Clinical Educator